Kanhangad Sub Division

Jurisdictional Map of Kanhangad Sub Division

The Kanhangad Sub Division was formed as per GO(Rt)No.1701/84/Home Dated 28.06.1984. The Sub Division consists of 6 Police Stations, Hosdurg PS, Nileshwar PS, Chandera PS, Cheemeni PS, Chittarikal PS, Vellarikund PS and Control Room Kanhangad. The Police Stations lying at the coastal belt namely Hosdurg, Nileshwar and Chandera are highly politically and communally sensitive. The Police Stations sharing border with Karnataka are also identified as the possible targets of Maoists. The Sub Division consists 3 major towns Kanhangad, Nileshwar, and Cheruvathur. The emerging towns at the high range areas are Vellarikkund, Panathur,and Chittarikkal.

Stations in Kanhangad Sub Division

  • Kanhangad Sub Division
    • Hosdurg PS PS
    • Nileshwar PS
    • Chandera PS
    • Cheemeni PS
    • Chittarikal PS
    • Vellarikud PS