Armed Reserve Unit

The armed reserve force is deployed whenever the local police need a short of manpower in law and order maintenance. Guard duty, Prisoners Escort Duty, Personnel Security Guard duties etc are also entrusted to Armed Reserve. The Armed Reserve Camp, Kasaragod is at Parakkatta. The District Armed Reserve Kasaragod consists of one wings under one Assistant Commandant. The followings are also under the supervision of Assistant Commandant of Armed Reserve Camp.

District Armed Force Kasaragod have A, B,C & HQ Companies of Police Personnel. District Armoury, Motor Transport Division, Police Store, Police Library and DPTC are functioning at Armed Reserve Police Camp, Parakatta, Vidyanagear, Kasaragod.

    Motor Transport Wing

    Motor Transport wing of Kasaragod police is functioned at AR Camp Parakkatta and it is direct control of Assistant Commandant of Police , AR Camp. At present an officer of the rank of SI is holding the charge of Motor Transport Officer. Vehicles of Kasaragod district are properly maintained. Drivers, Unit Mechanic and users are clearly and sufficiently briefed in this regard.

    Quarter Master Store

    Quarter Master Store is functioning under the direct supervision of Assistant Commandant of Police. At present an officer of the rank of SI is holding the charge of Quarter Master. Arms and ammunitions are under the control of QM.

    Armour Shop

    An armour shop is functioning in this unit. Armour ASI is holding the charge of Armour Shop. All arms and ammunitions kept in various Police Stations and offices in Kasaragod district are inspecting in this Armour Shop.