Trikaripur Coastal Police Station

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Coastal Police, as the name suggests, will be on the coast. Government of India, as a part of scheme, has sanctioned 8 Coastal Police Stations in the state vide Coastal Security Scheme-I. In Scheme-2 there are two Police Stations are constructed in the district. One is Thrikaripur coastal Police Station Azhithala and the Other is kumbala Police Station Shiriya.

ThrikaripurCoastal Police Station, Azhithala, Kasaragod was inaugurated on 26.07.2017 by Sri. Pinarai Vijayan, then Hon’ble Chief Minister of Kerala and the station was notified as Coastal Police Station as per GO (Rt) 366/2011/Home TVPM dated 04.02.11. The two storied station building faces north and is situated in Padanna village,Nileshwaram municipality,hosdurg Thaluk bearing building No.25/176.

Jurisdiction Of Trikaripur Coastal PS

The station jurisdiction spreads from thayyil kadappuram to chithari kadappuram sea mouth upto 12 nautical miles. The Coastal area spread in Kasaragod district from chitharikadappuram in Northern side and Thayyil Kadapuram in the southern side. The distance from northern side to Southern side coastal areas is 35 Kms. The coastal area is under the judicial jurisdiction of the Hon’ble JFCM 1st, Hosdurg as per notification No.A1-1703/2012 dated 28.10.19 of the CJM, Kasaragod.

Judicial Court

Hon’ble Chief Judicial Magistrate Court, Kasaragod

Tourist places in the coastal areas of Trikaripur Coastal PS

Kasargod is often named as land of Lords and Forts. One of the most beautiful districts in Kerala state endowed with 9 rivers, hills, beaches, backwaters and forts. The people uses about 7 languages and the district is known as “Sapthabhasha Sanghama Bhoomi”


Valiyaparamba in Kasaragod district of Kerala, is perhaps the most scenic backwater stretch in the state. Fed by four rivers and dotted with numerous little islands, Valiyaparamba is fast turning into a much favoured backwater resort that offers enchanting boat cruises.



Mission And Vision Of Coastal Police


Policing the Indian coastline against infiltration, intrusion and other illegal activities in collaboration with Central and State agencies in Territorial Waters and on the Coastline of India.


The Coastal Police will strive for:

  1. Investing in infrastructure and logistics to meet the existing and future challenges.
  2. Development of human resources through recruitment and training to raise skilled and specialized manpower for Coastal Policing.
  3. Building capacity for specialized Coastal Policing tasks like Patrolling, Surveillance, Interception, Intelligence collection, Investigation, Disaster and Crisis Management, rescue Operations related to Coast & Sea etc.
  4. Creating institutionalized collaboration, coordination and co-operation among all the stake-holders in Coastal Security.
  5. Promoting and securing community participation to generate multipliers and accelerators in Coastal Security.
  6. Promoting and sharing best practices of Policing in Coastal Security.
  7. Addressing environmental and ecological concerns and interests of country through collaboration and co-operation with other agencies.
  8. Constant review and up gradation of Technology, Gadgetry and Weaponry being in use to ensure efficiency and effectiveness of the Coastal Policing.
  9. Promoting welfare measures and launching schemes for rewards and incentives to build and sustain high morale and motivation level of Coastal Security personnel.
  10. Becoming a capable & fully professional force protecting the national interests in mandated Policing activity.

Kadalora Jagratha Samithies (KJS)

Kadalora Jagratha Samithies are the eyes and ears of the Coastal Security. In order to counter the threat posed by terrorist/ antinational through coastal areas, the functioning of KJS is inevitable. Altogether 8 KJS are formed within the limits of Thrikaripur Coastal Police Station, Azhithala. The meetings of KJS are being conducted by all KJS properly on monthly basis, in these meetings all the matters related with KJS activities are being discussed. Apart from this, lifesaving classes, demonstration of smoke signals, awareness campaigns, medical camp, etc were also conducted during the last years. Following are the KJS functioning in Thrikaripur Coastal Police Station limit.

  1. Ajanur
  2. Meenappees
  3. Punjavi
  4. Thai kadappuram
  5. Madakkara
  6. Padanna kadapuram
  7. Valiya paramba
  8. Thrikaripur kadapuram

Details of Notified Landing Points

As per the Government order, there are 5 notified fish landing points within the limits of Thrikaripur Coastal Police Station, Azhitthala, Kasaragod.

  1. Meenappees
  2. This is a seashore landing point which comes under the limits of Thrikaripur Coastal Police Station in hosdurg thaluk. It is positioned on Latitude 12*21’7.774 north and longitude is 75*3’33.332 east.

  3. Ajanoor-N-Bella
  4. Ajanoor fish landing centre is a main centre in the Kanhangad area within the limits of Hosdurg Police Station in Hosdurg Thaluk. At about 170 registered and 15 un-registered fishing vessels/ mechanized country made boats are operating through this fish landing point. Latitude of this centre is 12*19’44.765 north and Longitude

  5. Punchavi Kadapuram
  6. This seashore fish landing centre is within the limits of Hosdurg Police Station in Latitude 12*18’40.239 north and Longitude is 75*4.31.441 east

  7. Thaikadapuram
  8. Thaikadapuram fish landing centre is about 2 kms away from seamouth and available 4-6 meters depth. Big fishing vessels and mechanized country made boats are operating through this landing centre. This is within the limits of Nileshwar Police Station and Hosdurg Thaluk. Around 65 registered vessels and 150 mechanized country made boats are entering through this centre. Latitude is 12*13’43.063 north and Longitude is 75*6.’44.906 east.

  9. Madakkara Fishing harbour
  10. MadakkaraFishing harbour situated at Madakara which comes within the limits of Chandera Police Station and Hosdurg Thaluk. Approximately 4 to 6 meters depth are available in this landing point which is 3 km away from sea mouth. There are 60 numbers of registered and 11 un-registered fishing vessels/mechanized country made boats is operating through this centre. Latitude of this centre is 12*12’52.215 north and Longitude is 75*7’50.856 east.

Details of Un-notified Landing Points

There are 7 un-notified fish landing points within the limits of Coastal Police Station, Trikaripur, Kasaragod.

1. Markkappu kadappuram
2. Line boat jetty thai kadappuram
3. Maviladam near bridge
4. Veluthapoyya
5. Panthrandil
6. Valiya paramba
7. Kannuveedu kadappuram

Fairs And Festivals In Thrikaripur Coastal Area

Thrikaripur coastal area is in touch with the three local police stations i.e. Hosdurg, Nileshwar and Chandera.

• During the Malayalam month of Meenam on every year, pattutsvam is celebrating at Sree Kurumba Bhagavathi Temple Ajanur.
• During the Malayalam era Kanni on every year , “Navarathri Maholsav” is celebrated at Marakkappu Sree Mookambika temple .
• “Puthariyulasav” is also being celebrated on every year at Sree Kaikalon temple at Ajanur.
• “Nabidinam” is being celebrated in every year at Naduvil Mohayadin Juma masjid at Thaikadappuram.
• Festival is being conducted every year at Sree Bhadra kali temple, Alinkeel, Thaikadappuram.

Rehabilitation Centres In The Coastal Areas

1. GLP School Musodi which is ½ kms away from seashore.
2. Fire force team is available at Upala town
3. GHSS Kumbala- 04998-215987 - 2 km east from the coast
4. GHS Kumbala- 04998-216900 - 2 km east from the coast
5. GSBS Kumbala- 04998-216400 - 2 km east from the coast
6. GLPS Koyipadi – 04998-213184
7. GFHSS Bekal at Malankunnu
8. Chandragiri GHSS at Melparamba
9. GVHS for Girls Kasaragod
10. Govt Wefare Schoold Kadinhimoola.