Special Mobile Squad Police Station

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Jurisdiction Boundary of SMS Police

Special Mobile Squad Police stations are the specially designated police station in the state to investigate cases registering under Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe( PoA) Act. In Kasragod district SMS Unit was formed vide G.O (MS) No.163/72 Home (A) Dtd. 09.11.1972 and started functioning from 02.12.1972 as its headquarters at Kasaragod. As per G.O (MS) 81/77 Home 21.06.1977 it was attached to CBCID (FS) Kozhikode and thereafter vide G.O (Rt) No.1135/80 Home Dtd. 23.06.1980 communicated vide SO.154/80 Dtd.15.07.1980 of the Deputy Inspector General of Police, Crime Investigation Thiruvananthapuaram, the unit was brought under the Administrative operational control of the Superintendent of Police, Kannur with effect from 01.05.1980. Subsequently after the formation of Kasaragod district on 24.05.1984 the unit was brought under the control of the Superintendent of Police Kasaragod. Before 15.01.1999 the unit was under the charge of a Circle Inspector of Police. After the implementation of the SC/ST (PA) Rules 1995, as per Rule 7(1), the investigation of the cases were limited to the officers not below the rank of Deputy Superintendent of Police. Hence vide G.O (MS) 15/99 Home Dtd. 15.01.1999 the post of the Deputy Superintendent of Police created for SMS Unit Kasaragod. As per G.O (Rt) No.2590/2014/Home dtd.27/9/2014, SMS Unit upgraded as charging police station with effect from 24 th September 2014.

Jurisdiction Details

Entire District Of Kasaragod

Jrisdictional Court

FIR filing court is Judicial First Class Magistrate Court Kasaragod. Trail Court is District & Sessions Court Kasaragod which is designated as Special Court to trial cases registered under SC/ST (PoA) Act.


Kasaragod district comprising a greater part of SC/ST population in the state. There are 1182 SC/ST Colonies in this district with an estimated population of 88, 791. Most of the colonies are in hilly areas and some of them are adjacent to Karnataka state. Koraga community is the primitive community among them. Though the timely intervention of police and public transform the life of people belongs to SC/ST, still exploitations prevails in some corners which warranting utmost vigil from the law side. Special Mobile Squad PS under a Deputy Superintendent of Police is functioning at District Police Office building Parakkatta, Kasaragod.

Regular Interaction with Colonies: Colony visit and petition adalat

In addition to the Janamaithri beat policing and colony beat policing implemented in this district, District Police Chief conducting monthly colony visit and petition adalats in selected colonies of this district coordinating various Govt departments. This is a boon to the colony members to redress their problem at the very presence of the concerned department heads.

‘Kelikottu’ booklet

To create awareness about the various Govt benefits available to SC /ST communities, a booklet named ‘Kelikottu’ [76 Pages] published and distributed to each families in colonies after co-coordinating information from various department. It was a helping tool for the colony inmates to know various types of welfare measures implemented for the benefits of SC/ST people by the central and state Govts. The book let also gives information over their rights and legal protection under SC/ST (PoA) Act. so far 1500 copies of the booklet were distributed to members in Kasaragod district.

Awareness Classes

The main hindrance which lean down the living condition of colonies are the consumption of Alcohol and lack of awareness. This was minimized at an extent through awareness classes conducting in various colonies of this district. This was proved as an effective measure to curb such menace including sexual exploitations.