Chandera Police Station


Jurisdiction Boundary of Chandera Police

Prior to 1947, the station was an out post. This was shifted to Cheemeni as Police Station on 05.04.1947 along with another temporary station at Cheruvathur to watch the activity of communists and their underground activities. The Police Station at Cheemeni was shifted to Kinanur which is situated within Nilelshwar P.S limits as per GO (MS) No.3230/Home dtd.09.08.1949. The district Magistrate of South Canara opened this police station on 30.0-5.1953. This police Station is functioning at its own building and having total land of 183 cents. The Police Station is shifted to the new Building on 31.05.1988.

Jurisdiction details

The jurisdiction of Chandera police station covers the whole area of Thrikarpur Grama Panchayath, Valiayaparamba Grama Panchayath, Padne Grama Panchayath , Cheruvathur Grama Panchayath and a part of Pilicde Grama Panchayath. The jurisdiction comes under South Thrikarpur Village, North Thrikarpur Village, Udinur Village, Padne Village, Valiyaparamba Village, Cheruvathur Village and Pilicode revenue villages.

Border Police Stations

Nileshwar.P.S, Cheemeni P.S and Payyannur P.S in Kannur District

Jurisdictional Courts

Judicial First Class Magistrate Court -I, Hosdurg

Parliament Constituency and Legislative Assembly

The Chandera Police Station Station Limit Comes Under Kasaragod Parliament Constituency and Thrikarpur Legislative Assembly

Government Institutions

1. Agriculltural Univeristy at Pilcode
2. Fisheries Harbour at Kadamkode Madakkara
3. Sub Registrar Office at Thrikarpur

Railway Stations

1. Cheruvathur Railway Station
2. Thrikarpur Railway Station
3. Chandera Railway Station


1) Community Health Center at Cheruvathur
2) Community Health Centre Thrikarpur
3) Primary Health Centre Padnekadappuram at Valiyaparamba
4) Homeo Dispensary South Thrikarpur Elambachi
5) Govt. Ayurveda Hospital Koyonkara
6) Govt. Ayurveda Dispensary Kinathil
7) Govt. Ayurveda Dispensery Pilicode

Educational Institutions.

1. GVHSS South Thrikarpur
2. GVHSS Thrikarpur
3. GVHSS Pilicode
4. E K Nayanar Memorial Poly Technic Thadiyankoval
5. GHSS Udinur
6. GFHSS Padne Kadappuram
7. GFVHSS Cheruvathur
8. GHSS Kuttamath
9. Govt. Technical Higher Secondary School Cheruvathur

Banks and Financial institutions

1. Syndicate Bank Thrikarpur
2. State Bank Of India Thrikarpur
3. State Bank of Travancore Thrikarpur
4. Vijaya Bank Thrikarpur
5. Urban Bank Thrikarpur
6. Kerala Grameen Bank Thrikarpur’
7. Indian Overseas Bank Thrikarpur
8. Muthut Fin. Corporation Thrikarpur
9. Canara Bank Cheruvathur
10. SBT Cheruvathur
11. Union Bank Cheruvathur
12. Kerala Grameen Bank Kalikkadavu
13. Kerala Grameen Bank Udinur

Important Temples and Festivals

1. Sree Chakrapani Temple Thrikarpur
2. Sri Thiruvanmbadi Temple South Thrikarpur
3. Sri. Maha Siva Kshethram Mattalayi Piliicode
4. Sreerama Ksethram Thazhee Mattalayi Pilicode

Churches and Festivals

1. St. Pauls Church Thrikapur

Important Mosques

1. Juma Masjid at Beericheri
2. Thrikarpur Town Juma Masjid
3. Juma Masjid Chandera
4. Kottappaali Juma Masjid at Madakkara

Back Waters

Valiyaparamba Backwater


1. Thejaswini River
2. Kavvayi River

Historical important places


Thikarpur was the part of Mooshika Dynasty in ancient days. During British Raj, it ws under Madras Presidency in Malabar District, which is very famous for its culture and it has rich and deep routs in performance of folk arts like Kaliyattam (Theyyam) and Kolkali.


The old seat of Thazhekkatt Mana famous for T.S.Thirumunp, Poet and Freedom Fighter. Work place of Guru Chandu Panikkar the famous Kadhakali Artist, the place of illustrious poets and scholars of Kuttamath Kunniyur Family.

Veeramala Hills

The veeramala situated at Cheruvathur and its hill top with ruins of Dutch Fort built in 18th Century is a picnic spot where the natural beauty of Thejaswnini River and sorroundings are very attractive.

Tourism importance


Valiyaparamba backwaters–cum-beach-cum-island is located at a distance of about 30km from Bekal in the Kasaragod district, found towards the northern part of Kerala. The very fact that is situated within a very short distance from the highly reputed Bekal beach makes Valiyaparamba a sought after tourist spot of Kerala. Currently, this island is one of the most crucial fishing centres of the state. It is also climbing up quickly in the radar of backwater tourism industry, by operating various cruises for local and international travellers.

Valiyaparamba backwaters are one of the most scenic places in Kerala as it is adorned by numerous islands, rivulets and canals all along its way. The source of waters for this place comes from four rivers. This island is located in the route where the National Waterways pass through. All tourists travelling to Bekal fort stop at this particular place to absorb the beauty of Valiyaparamba Island.


Sri.Chakrapani Temple Trikkaripur

The narration of the temple as per "Brahmanda Puranam" is as follows:Once sage "Agasthya" happened to visit "Vaikundam",the abode of god "Mahavishnu" and he was presented a "Chathur Bhahu" idol with him with a piece of advice to adore the idol everyday in ritualistic liturgy with which he will be bestowed with happiness, wealth, prosperity, offsprings and salvation. Pushkara faithfully followed the advice and led a life of splendour. Once "Devendra" along with "Narada" visited pushkara and was attracted by the aura of the conspicuous idol creating an inherent attraction towards it. He eagerly desired for the prosperity which its possession would bring. Narada advised Devendra to keep the idol in a more holy place. While Pushkara was asleep Devendra took away the idol and was believed to have hidden it in the "Padmatheertham" in front of Sri Chakarapani Temple and entursted "varuna" to protect and watch over. Deeply affected by the loss of the idol, Pushkara had indulged in uninterrupted panance,fasting and reciting hymns. Lord Mahavishnu consoled him in his dreams and directed him to follow the array of ever blossoming flowers.He trekked through the forest and reached sahya mountain ranges and met "Sambara Muni" who was in deep meditation. He advised pushkara to worship "Durga"(the godess of power)till Parasurama reaches there. But after a time lag Pushkara started his onward journey as indicated by the array of blossoming flowers. Parasurama prayed for the apperance of the idol and it appeared at the centre of the lake to the surprise and delight of all. It is told that the idol itself proclaimed "This lake is my abode and will be known as 'Padmatheertham' here after". A dip in it on the "Thiruvonam'(Acquila) day of "shravana" month by keeping me in mind and observing rituals will keep away from sins and will confer prosperity and finally lead to the salvation"..

Main Projects through the PS

1. Student Police Cadet Project at GHSS, Udinur
2. Student Police Cadet Project at GVHSS Thrikarpur
3. Janamaithri Police Project at Thrikarpur Panchayath