Vidyanagar Circle

04994- 256766

Vidyanagar Circle office started functioning as per GO MS No 200/2015 Home dtd 11.09.2015 at Kasaragod district by bifurcating the existing Kasaragod Circle and shifting the post of Inspector Of police Traffic police station to Vidyanagar Circle. The circle comprises Badiadka Police station and Vidyanagar Police station. The office is functioning at the first floor of Vidyanagar Police station at Collect orate compound Kasaragod with effect from 21.10.2015.Both the station limits have peoples of different faiths and religious groups. In the communal angle the both stations are fragile. a string of murder and communal violence were took place in the year 1992 and succeeding years up to 2005.Sporadic skirmishes on political side also needs attention. Both the stations have lot of worshipping places and religious fete are being carried out amidst tight security arrangements.

Sub Division - Kasaragod

Police Stations - Vidyanagar and Badiadka