Adhur Circle


Adhur circle was formed as per G.O. (MS) 138/94 Home dated 16.08.94 with Adhur Badiadka and Bedakam Police station with its jurisdictional control. Prior to the formation of this circle Adhur and Bedakam Police stations were under Bekal Circle falling in Kanhangad sub Division and Badiadka under Kumbala circle.

As per the re-organization of police station circle as appended to order in GO (MS) No.105/2002 Home dated 06-07-2002 (letter in No. S (a) 10894/99 dated 25.05.02 of DGP Kerala and letter in No. A1-15322/02 G dated 30.07.02 Do No 237/02 g of Superintendent of Police, Kasaragod Badiadka Police station is converted to new circle Kasaragod with effect from 01.08.2002.

Circle office is functioning in Government building in R.S. No. 177/ IC in Karadka villages at Mulleria. The new building was inaugurated on 01.01.2007.

Sub Division - Kasaragod

Police Stations - Adhur and Bedakam

  • Area of Circle---------289.02
  • Population-----------132110
  • No. of Villages -------13
  • No. of Beats-----------10