News and Events - 2018

Yes To Life, No to Drugs.

Kasaragod Janamythri police organized 108 KMs cycle Expedition across the District creating awareness among students and public in two days about dangers of drugs and other addictive. stressing physical fitness was another point. Let's make Kerala free of drugs.

Yoga Day Celebration

Kasaragod Janamythri police organized yoga class for all its officers as a part of international yoga day celebrations.

Friendly Football Match

Kasaragod Janamythri police organized a friendly football match between Police and DFA 11s on 18.06.2018 to build police public relationship and inter community trust in a communally labile place.


Kasaragod Janamythri Police felicitated a Samarithan Sattar who ferry people free of cost, irrespective of religion from railway station who reach at odd hours.

Recreation Club

Kasaragod Janamythri police sets up Police Recreation club to build police public relations and reduce crimes specially the communal ones.

Ifthar Meet

To build inter community faith, Kasaragod Jqanamythri Police organized Ifthar at a community labile Nellikkunnu Coastal belt. Representatives from all religious groups participated in the occasion

Green Protocol is the need of the Hour

Kasaragod District Police organized cleaning programme in various places of the district as a part of the environment day celebrations and pre-monsoon cleaning.

Adalath in SC/ST Colonies by District Police Chief, Kasaragod.

Kasaragod Police organized an adalath in a remote SC Colony involving all departments to address their grievance.