Telecommunication Unit

Telecommunication Unit is entrusted with the upkeep and maintenance of all communication channels and equipments. To provide Telecommunication network to the day to day policing in the district, there functioning a Telecommunication Unit in the District under the supervision of Inspector of police Telecommunication.

Police Telecommunication is functioning as per the Rules and Procedures of Government of India viz Wireless and Telegraphic Act 1932, Radio procedures and relevant manuals. Police Telecommunication wing is the back bone of Police force in the state. Police Telecommunication sub unit Kasargod is entrusted with the total Police Communication and day to day maintenance of communication equipments. We are carrying out the operating of Trunk line Communication, District VHF Communication, CoB network, HF system and Video conferencing. Telecommunication wing perform key role in the VVIP Security bandobust, Sabarimala Festival, Election duties, Disaster management etc .

District Computer Maintenance Unit (DCMU) handling all the maintenance and repairs of computers and accessories in the Police Department. DCMU will maintain a call register for repairs and maintenance of Computers in the District.

Telecommunication Subunit Kasargod is headed by Inspector of Police assisting him by Sub Inspectors, Assistant Sub Inspectors, Head constables and Police Constables.

Last updated on Saturday 11th of June 2022 PM