District Crime Records Bureau

District Crime Record Bureau started functioning in this district from 01.10.89 as per G.O. (Rt)No.4799/89/Home dtd.29.09.89. According to the Govt. Order the Post of Dy SP (SB) was shifted to DCRB. Shri. K.S.Vishnu Namboothiri was the first Dy SP (DCRB). The Duties of DCRB is to preparation of periodicals, attending crime and conviction memos, maintaining details of KDs, DCs Suspects, Collection of Crime details of the district, updating details of MO Criminals, monitoring of crimes to CMR, SCRB, Thiruvananthapuram, Publishing of arrest details in the District Headquarters and supervise and streamline collection of all types of data under police computerization scheme, supervise, evaluate, guide and modernize crime records managements, receive and supply data to correctional agencies approved by Government for the correction and rehabilitation of delinquent, criminals and for the purpose their remand, parole, premature release, codification of crime/criminal/Finger print data and dissemination of retrieval from district level micro computer or from PCC to field officers, to provide training facility to field staff, store data and furnish information as matters relating to General verification of Government Jobs, Passport application, Arms licenses, perform such other duties for better crime record management in the district and for effective implementation of police computerization scheme etc. Duties of DySP DCRB is supervision over the collection of Crime Data, collation of crime data, analysis of crime data, dissemination of crime data, inspection of crime records of police station and other establishments, rendering expert advice to police stations about complicity of criminals, alerting police station and other formation on developing crime trend for taking remedial measures. He is the District co-coordinator for IMG courses, imparting training to local police station staff on the subjects enlisted by IMG, on computerization of crime data, monitoring opening of History Sheet, CIPA, CCTNS etc.

Collection, Analysis and Dissemination of the crime data and rendering expert advice to Police Stations is the core function of the District Crime Records Bureau. DCRB has direct supervision on the functioning of the Finger Print Bureau, Official photographer and the Scientific Assistant and they visit the scenes of crime in important cases with the mobile laboratory vehicle and expert advice.


The Single Digit Finger Print Bureau, Kasaragod Unit commenced its functioning as per GO(MS)66/84/Home dtd 30.05.1984 with effect from 30.03.85 at Single Digit Finger Print Bureau, Kannur. Sri. D.Vijaya Marar, Tester Inspector is holding the charge of the Unit with effect from 09.02.2007. Prior to him, Sri. R. Soma Shekharan Nair, Shri G. Surendran Nair, Shri. N.Balanandan, Sri. V.Gopakumar, Sri. G. Balagopalan, Sri.K.Viswanathan Nair, Sri. S.Gopi, Sri. V.H.Mohammed Esa Sahib, were the in-charge of this Unit. From 01.10.89 the Unit was brought under the control of State Crime Records Bureau from Crime Branch CID. The Bureau was shifted to the old police station building, Kanhangad with effect from May 1990 and is now functioning in the Old District Police Office, Kasaragod from March 1992 onwards.


A Police Photographic Unit is functioning under DCRB Kasaragod equipped with latest Cameras, Computers and other equipments to take photographs of scene of crime, criminals, their finger prints etc.


Computer Cell, Kasaragod started its functioning under District Crime Record Bureau from 1995. Computer was installed on 28/04/95. Feeding of 1 to 7 (Integrated Investigation Forms) in Crime Criminal Information System, All DCRB periodicals, Senior officers conference statements, Bandobusts schemes, Monthly Crime Proceedings/statistics, Data on Vehicle theft and suicide cases, Portrait Building System (PBS), Daily Crime Reporting to NCRB are carried out in Computer Cell. Attending Crime Stopper Calls (1090) 0th clock and its corresponding works, CID Verification of Passport applications with Computer records are carried out in Police Computer Cell.

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