Bekal Sub Division has been formed and inaugurated on 18.02.2021 as per GO(Rt)515/2021/Home dated. 18.02.2021.It comprises 6 police stations bifurcated from Kasaragod and Kanhangad Sub Divisions.

Adhur, Bedakam and Melparamba were in Kasaragod Sub Division, Bekal, Ambalathara and Rajapuram were in Kanhangad Sub Division. Among this, Bekal and Melparamba are laying in the coastal belt, politically and communally highly sensitive and Adhur, Bedakam and Rajapuram were sharing border with Karnataka. The Sub Division consist 7 towns they are Palakunnu, Udma, Periya, Melparamba, Bovikkanam,Mulleriya, Panathur etc.

Last updated on Thursday 29th of September 2022 PM