Good Works Done 2016

Excess quantity of new currency of Rs.2000 Seized. Kasaragod PS Cr.No. 979/16

On 18.11.16 at 20.15hrs the accused persons found in possession of Rs. 6 lakhs (300x2000 of New Indian currency)without valid documents so the accused persons arrested and the vehicle(car bearing reg no Kl 60 E 9258) taken into custody by preparing seizure muhazar

Accused :- Noushad M,Haris,Nizar P,Siddiqu,Muhammed Shafeeque

Investigation Team:- CI Abdul rahim,SI Rathnakaran,ASI Mohanan,ASI Balakrishnan,CPO-2286 Austin Thampi,CPO-2582 Thomas M Y,CPO-2306 Rajesh


Cyber Crime detection (Credit card frauds under seize) Kasaragod PS Crime.No.977/16

On 17.11.2016 at 11.45 hrs in the parking area of city gold Nr. Old Press club Jn. In Casaba Village The Accused persons made fake credit cards by collecting details of credit card and bank accounts from foreign countries. Thereafter they make purchase in order to take details with the help of laptop, swiping device.

Accused :- Basheer K v, Muhammed Njeeb, Abdul rahiman K V @ Rahim, Muhammed Riyas A M @ Riyas, Abdul Mehroof Basith @ Basi, Nishad

Investigation Team:- CI Abdul Rahim,SI Rathnakaran,CPO-1984 Dhilish,CPO-2103 Vinod,CPO-2240 Girish,CPO-2530 Shijith


Chandera Police Station Cr. No.594/2013

During the month of August 2013, a case in Cr No. 594/13 U/s 449, 342, 396, 302 IPC was registered at Chandera Police Station on the strength of the statement of one Safiyan Abdul Salam Haji. The case is that on 04.08.2013 at 22.30 hrs, an accused gang consisting of 6 members trespassed into the residential house of one NRI businessman Abdul Salam Haji residing at Vellap in North Trikaripur Village, restrained the inmates of the house on point of knife, threatened and assaulted Abdul Salam Haji with a fiber chair, caught hold of his neck and covered his mouth with masking tap, robbed off 12 Sovereigns of gold ornaments, 1050 UAE Dirham, Indian Currency to the tune of Rs. 28,000/- and other valuables including lap top, mobile phones etc, after killing the said Abdul Salam Haji. They were also taken the monitor , recording unit, and hard disk of CCTV camera. The gate of the house is working in automatic remote control system. It was also removed by them and took away the remote control system of the gate. The articles took by them would worth Rs 1000000/-

In this connection, the informant Safiyan Abdul Salam Haji, Son of the deceased Abdul Salam Haji appeared before the Sub Inspector of Police, Chandera on 05.08.13 at 02.30 hrs and narrated the incident before him. He reduced his version into writing and registered the above case. Being a grave crime, on 05.08.13, the then Inspector of Police, Nileshwar Sri. T.N.sajeev prepared the inquest report at Life Care Hospital, Trikaripur, utilized the service of Dog Squad, Scientific Assistant, FP Expert etc and collected all the available evidence. After the inquest the dead body was sent to Pariyaram Medical College Hospital for conducting autopsy. Since the accused left no evidence in the place of occurrence, investigation was started from zero point. The only available information obtained from the inmates of the house is that one among the accused attended 3 phone calls from the house at the time of incident. Based on the information, the Tower dump data of the mobile tower which falls under the place of occurrence were collected and located a few suspected numbers form the data. Among these few data, two SIM numbers are traced which are suspected to be used by the accused on the date of occurrence and few days before. Following the mobile number, two accused by name Noushad and Rameez who were the natives of Kottappuram in Nileshwar Village were nabbed. Following the arrest of these two accused, other accused were also identified but they left the place on smelling the police presence. The special investigation team members chased the culprits from place to place and at last they were taken into custody from Allahabad and arrested on 29.08.2013. The arrested accused are Muhammed Askar and Muhammed Shihab hailing from Chiranellur in Trissur District. Both the accused were arrested as they were fleeing to Nepal with the help of some Nepali friends who had worked with them in Kuwait. Besides one Muhasin, native of Theru in Nileshwar Village was also arrested in this case for giving his cars to the accused for rent. Later 3 more accused by name Nimith, Ammer and Jaseer involved in the case were also arrested. By adopting scientific method of investigation with the help of Cyber Cell, the accused were identified and arrested within a small span of time. This speedy action in arresting the accused within a small span of time was acclaimed by the press as well as the general public. With the dedicated work of the investigation team, charge sheet of the case was submitted before the court within 3 months and the the Hon’ble Addl. District & Sessions Court completed the Trial procedure within 45 days and awarded major punishments to all the accused except A8. In this case 114 witnessed were examined and 266 MOs were produced before the court. The detection of the case is definitely a feather in the cap of Kerala Police. The special investigation team constituted for the purpose made a commendable work in detecting the case, arresting the accused and recovering most of the lost properties. The speedy and expeditious investigation with the available evidence ended in conviction of the above case with in a small span of time.


Chandera PS Cr.No. 833/14

Case is that after 12.09.2014 the daughter of the complainant by name Rajani aged 34 years was found missing from Mother Theresa Charitable Home Nursing Institution Cheruvathur where she was working etc fact.

For the above case in Cr.No. 833/14 U/s 57 of KP Act was registered at Chandera Police Station on the complaint of the father of missing person on 18.09.2014. SI of Police Chandera investigated the case till 22.09.2014. Since the investigation so far conducted by the SI could not be revealed any clue about the missing girl, the then Inspector of Police nileshwar Sri. U. Preman took up the investigation of the case on 22.09.2014. During the course of investigation the relatives of the missing girl Rajani raised some suspicion against one Satheesan who was the proprietor of Mother Theresa Charitable Home Nursing institution at Cheruvathur and also a distant relative of Rajani. He was questioned twice and his call details and tower locations were verified thoroughly. On verification contradictions were noticed in his statements and call details as well as tower locations. As such he was placed under close watch. While he was placed under close watch IP have received reliable information that the said Satheesan is found roaming at Kanichira near to the house formerly he resided found the marks of removing soil amidst the bushes. Following this he was called to the Office of the Inspector of Police and questioned thoroughly. During the course of interrogation he acceded that he had killed the said Rajani and buried near to his former house at Kanichira. On the confession statement of the accused IP along the Police party went to the Place and ensured the genuinity of his statement. Being late at night and due to rain the body could not recovered on the day. After posting scene guard in the place of occurrence in the next day in the presence of RDO IP unearthed the 38 days old decomposed body from the burial pit and prepared the inquest report. There after the Professor of Forensic Medicine Academy of Medical science Pariyaram conducted the autopsy in the spot.

The investigation so far conducted by collecting all the material, Oral and circumstantial evidence it was revealed that the deceased Rajani aged 34 years residing at Mavilangad Colony in South Trikkaripur village and the accused Satheesan, who was a distant relative of Rajani while running a Home Nursing Institution by name Mother Theresa Chartable society with its head quarters at Vadakara lived in the Office room of the society as husband and wife for 6 months and while they are living together A1 Satheesan gave an amount of Rs. 185000/- to A2 Benadict John @ Benny as loan as per the direction of Rajani,but later A2 to failed to repay the amount in time which resulted in the dispute between Rajani and A1.Besides there was quarrel between the deceased Rajani and A1 with regard to the denial of A1 to marry her. Believing that Rajani become a threat to his existence A1 decided to finish her and on the early morning of 12.10.2014 A1 brutally murdered Rajani by manhandling and suffocating at the Office of the Mother Theresa Charitable Home Nursing institution, after keeping the body two days and night in the bath room of the rented quarter in which the Office is functioning and there after the dead body was taken in an OMNI Van owned by him and concealed in a small pit at the lonely place at Kanichira about 10 KM away from the place of occurrence with the help of A2 . The detection of the case with the available evidence acclaimed by both the general public as well as the press.

Sri. U. Preman IP Nileshwar is the Investigation Officer of the above case

Vidyanagar PS Cr NO 359/16 u/s 395 IPC.

A Sensational Decoity case reported within Vidyanagar Police Station limit during the month August 2016 has been detected by the Inspector of Police Vidyanagar and party with the assistance of the Cyber Cell of the District as well as Shadow Party of DPC Kasaragod. The details of case briefed below.

The case was reported on 20.08.16 at 17.00 hrs from Cherkkala, in Chengala Village. The name of complainant is Ganesh, Age: 22/16, S/O Mohan Suthar, C/O Kadham Vikas Dham, Sidhi Vinayaka (House), Thiruvangad, Thalassery.The case in brief is that on 07.08.2016 while the complainant was travelling in an Ertica car bearing registration Number MH-09-DM-3747 from Uduppi to Kannur along with his driver Prajeesh, the accused came in another car collided on their car, when they reached at Cherkkala, and 5 identifiable persons committed Decoity of an amount of Rs. 1.5 crore and a mobile phone by putting them on gun point etc facts. IP Vidyanagar is the Investigating Officer. By conducting intellectual and hardworking enquiry Inspector of Police Vidyanagar and party arrested 3 accused viz 1.Mruthul, S/o Asokan, age 23/16 Mridul Nivas, Palathinkara, Koothuparamb, Kannur. 2.Rinshad.V@Inju, S/o Late Abdul Rahiman,Age 21/16, Rashina Manzil Illammoola, Mattannur , Thalassery Taluk, Kannur and 3.Sayooj , s/o Rajan, age 23/16 Kallumkool ( House), Kuniyil Palam, Koothuparamba Thalasseri Taluk, Kannur Dist. Now they are under Judicial Custody and two vehicles involved in the case also seized.