Good works done - 2015

Hosdurg Police Station Crime No. 979/2015

Hosdurg Police Station Crime No. 979/2015 U/s 449, 302, 397 IPC. Crux of the case is that on 11.11.2015 at 09.00 clocks, accused came to the house of the victim Janaki T.V, W/o Ramachandran, Age 65/15 for coolie works and realizing that she was alone there, trespassed into her bedroom and demanded money. The victim had refused this then the accused bludgeoned her with knife and suffocated her by strangulating with bed sheet and murdered her. Thereafter accused robbed 4 gold bangles, one gold chain and gold ring total weighing 75.260 gram gold ornaments and imitation gold ornaments, and cash Rs 1200/- which are kept in shelf on that room. The accused Madhu P S/o Maruthodan Kunhiraman Age 34/15, Puthukai, Thoyammal, Hosdurg was traced from Dharamastala, Karnataka and arrested on 15.11.15 at 13.00 hours and as per the confession, properties are recovered and the case is charge sheeted after completing investigation process. There was no clue about the accused at its initial stage and the earnest effort of the team is resulted in success to arrest and for adducing the evidences. There were no eyewitness and no idea about the exact time of occurrence. Comprehensive inquiry revealed that the accused was gone for collie work at victim’s house on demand while she had met him at a worship place. Relatives and neighbours have little knowledge about the arrival of accused at the scene of Crime. Investigation team extended enquiry in all houses and insisted to go through that day for recollecting any clue.

One witness recalled the accused and spotted him on the way to victim’s house. Thus located the accused Madhu and chased him. He was arrested from Karnataka in a shortest period, which is within 2 days and recovered all the robbed properties. The apt sense investigating officers lead to the prompt arrest and recovery of the property in this Murder for gain case.


Bekal Police Station Crime No. 362/2015

Bekal Police Station Crime No. 362/2015 U/s 143, 147, 148, 341, 324, 302 r/w 149 IPC. This is a Murder case and one Shahul Hameed, aged 27 years was murdered brutally on 11.05.2015 midnight around 01.15 hours. The deceased Shahul Hameed and his brother Badusha were proceeding to their relatives house at Udma from Kannamkulam in a Motor Cycle to attend an obituary and when they reached near Green Wood School, a group of Criminals encircled them, unleashed an extensive attack with iron rod, stick etc. in which both the victims became in coma stage. Later they were removed to Hospital at Mangalore from where Shahul Hameed succumbed to the injuries. The victim Badusha identified the accused Nabeel hails at Nalamvathukkal among the accused. The incident took place during midnight and only one eye witness, i.e., the brother of the victim who was also got injuries in this incident seriously. He disclosed the name of one Nabeel, the accused while proceeding to Hospital. On inquiry traced the mentioned Nabeel, Nalamvathukkal subsequently, but realized he is totally innocent and he has no role in this incident. There was clear confusion in this regard and a thorough and a speedy enquiry were conducted and verified how victim disclosed the name of Nabeel among the accused. Nabeel was immigrant in Gulf with the deceased and so he is known by the witness. Nabeel have some resemblance with the accused and so the witness suspected him. It is clearly proved that mentioned Nabeel haven’t any role in this incident and he hasn’t any animosity against the victim. Investigation revealed that Communal bigots are attacked the victim due to misunderstanding them as Hindus. A rumour was circulated previously that a Muslim Youth was attacked by Hindus on that day. Inquiry traced out one Muhammad Irshad @ Kavu, Bare Village and realised that he have many similarity with the suspect Nabeel. The accused was subjected to thorough interrogation which came to out the truth and thus all remaining eight accused were identified and two among them were arrested on 14.05.15, later 4 remaining accused were arrested and the weapons were seized.


Bekal Police Station Crime No. 297/2015

Bekal Police Station Crime No. 297/2015 U/s 109, 120(B), 409 IPC. On 15.04.2015 the case was registered in an allegation of robbery and assault at Bekal Fort in which petition pertaining to the assault of Police towards the staff of Archaeological Survey of India at Bekal fort. The averment is that one identifiable police person was beat the complainant, Runbeerkumar and robbed the collection amount from them. The investigation revealed that the complaint is false. Actually the offence is committed by the complainant and his co-worker one Shaju. They were created a conspiracy against the police due to previous enmity and they were misappropriated the entire amount thereby committed Criminal trust etc. facts. Accused 1) Runbeer 2) Shaju are arrested. During Investigation the complainant Ranbeer Kumar produced the robbed money wrapped in a newspaper before Inspector of Police, Hosdurg with a false story of entrustment of the same. Thus in an inference searched the rented quarters where Ranbeer Kumar is residing in the presence of K.J. Luko, senior conservation assistant of Archaeological survey of India, Kannur sub circle and the remaining portion of Newspaper are seized which lead to the crucial evidence about the concocted story of robbery and thus Ranbeer Kumar, Ticket booking clerk Bekal fort and Shaju P.V., Foreman are arraigned as accused as they were engaged in criminal conspiracy and in furtherance, they committed criminal breach of trust and narrated a false story of robbery. Sri. Ranbeer Kumar, age 25/15, S/o Anil Kumar, Billasunayava, Kusahalka, Nalanda District, Bihar (LDC ASI Bekal fort) and Shaju PV. Age 42/15, S/o MK Chandrashekaran, Nr. Someswari Temple, Pilicode, Kasaragod District, Kerala (Foreman ASI Bekal fort) are accused in this case, they were arrested and produced before the court. The investigation of Cr. No. 297/2015 is completed and factual report submitted for obtaining prosecution sanction under section 197 CrPC for prosecutes the accused since they are public servants of Central Government.


Kasaragod Police Station Crime No. Cr.649/15

Kudlu Bank Robery

On the National Highway 17 connecting Kasaragod to Mangalore there is a Co-operative bank called Kudlu Co-Operative Bank, operating in the first floor of a commercial building. On 07.09.15, around 2.15PM, on Monday, Kasaragod Police received a phone information that there has been dacoity in the bank and property worth crores has been robbed. Immediately SHO Kasaragod, CI Kasaragod and myself reached the spot. On preliminary enquiry it was revealed that around 5 to 6 men wearing mask, had stormed into the bank and had robbed property of around 18 Kgs of gold and 12.5 lakh cash. At the time of offence there were only two women staff in the bank. The other male staff had gone to take lunch. Smt Lakshmi, clerk and Bindu, a daily wages worker were present. At that time a lady by name Kamar Banu was also present and had come for pledging the gold. Statements recorded of these women revealed that around 5 to 6 young fellows wearing mask and gloves had stormed into the bank. They had shown knives at these staff, intimidated them, tied them and had gone to the strong room which was open and robbed all the gold and cash from the chest which was also kept open. Bindu, the daily wages staff was injured and her chain and bangles were snatched. Kamar Banu who had come to pledge the gold was also intimidated and 25 pawan of gold brought by her for pledging were also robbed. A case as Cr. No 649/15 u/s 450, 397 IPC was registered at Kasaragod Police station and the investigation started.


Chandera Police Station Crime No. Cr.678/15

Vijaya Bank Cheruvathur, Robery

CASE DETAILS OF CHERUVATHUR BANK THEFT CASE : Cheruvathur is a small town in Kasaragod District. In the first floor of a commercial building in the town, Vijaya Bank is operating for a long time. 26.09.2015 and 27.09.2015 were fourth Saturday and Sunday respectively and were holidays to the bank. On 28.09.2015, at 10 AM when the bank authorities reached the bank, they did not find anything suspicious. They opened the main gate and entered in. A couple of minutes later, they opened the strong room. The lady who opened the strong room had shock of her life. She found a manhole was bored from the roof of the ground floor. She also saw two of the almirahs broke open. There were two strong chests as well and both the chests were seen intact. The manager rushed inside the strong room. He opened both the chest. To their surprise, gold in one of the chest was totally missing. The other chest was also intact but gold was also in place. The news spread like a wildfire and created sensation across the state. The fear among public doubled because exactly three weeks ago in the same district at Kudlu in Kasaragod police station limits, there was an incident of bank burglary losing property worth crores.



At 09.30 Am on 12.11.15, Hosdurg CI received phone information that a lady by name Janaki amma was found dead in suspicious manner. Immediately the SI Hosdurg, CI Hosdurg, DySP Kanhangad and myself rushed to the spot . It was found that Janaki amma, around 60 years old who was staying alone was found dead in a pool of blood. Immediately a case of Cr. No 979/15 u/s 302 IPC was registered at Hosdurg police station. The service of the finger print expert, dog squad and scientific assistant was taken. A special team was constituted to investigate the case. Inquest was conducted by IP Hosdurg. Due to non availability of forensic expert on 12.11.15, the body was refrigerated at 3.30 PM, 12.11.15