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Know Your Police Station


Message Of District Police Chief, Kasaragod

Kasaragod being the northern most district of Kerala, it is unique in terms of its diversity in culture, religion and languages. Geographically it is sharing a significant stretch of border with Karnataka at north/east and at the west the Arabian sea, the district is facing multifarious challenges on Law and order issues and crime.“ Different types of Crimes, Communal riots, extremism are main complex social problems within our society. Crime against women, Cyber crimes, human trafficking, illicit transportation of Narcotic and contraband articles are developing to new forms and constantly increasing in our society. I look forward to work with the community to develop strategies to ensure a high quality of life and to

maintain law and order in general and communal harmony in particular through massive public co-operation with Police,

to implement various measures and schemes for improvement to prevent traffic accidents and make efforts to ensure discipline on public roads

work for a good police public relationship through various program for the development of society

contently strive to prevent and detect offences and to try for a crime less society

to ensure that a police force of polite and well behaved with public

and to uphold the moto “Mridhu Bhave Dhrida Kruthye” ( മൃദു ഭാവെ ദൃഢ കൃത്യേ)

With the above aim in view, I, on behalf of Kasaragod District Police trying to ensure that he District gets a Police Force of which it should feel proud.”

More over the district police is engaged in a continuous partnership with the community to evolve strategies to promote an environment of peace, brotherhood and mutual cooperation in the society. It has been our constant endeavor to reinforce and energize the public opinion and consciousness in this direction.

The district police force is duty bound to respond to the needs of the people. The force will never rest its efforts from professionalizing every activity it undertakes with due respect to the law of the country. This updated website is a humble effort in this regard.

Let us move jointly with positive thoughts

Your valuable suggestions will be our guidance

P Bijoy IPS
District Police Chief, Kasaragod

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