Kasaragod Sub Division

Jurisdictional Map of Kasaragod Sub Division

Kasaragod Sub Divisional Police Office has been formed vide G O (MS) 17/87/Home dated 03.02.1987 and came into existence on 28.03.1987. After bifurcation of the Police Circle as per GO (MS) 105/02/Home dated 06.07.2002, the Sub Division consists of 3 Police Circles ie, Kasaragod, Kumbla and Adhur and a Traffic Police Station. Kasaragod Circle consists of Kasaragod Police Station, Vidyanagar Police Station, Badiadka Police Station and Control Room, Kasaragod. Kumbla Circle consists of Kumbla and Manjeshwar Police Stations. Adhur Circle consists of Adhur and Bedakam Police Stations. Most of the people in the Sub Division are Kannada speaking. Hence the Government has considered this area as Kannada linguistic Minority area. The Sub Divisional Police Office is presently functioning at Parakkatta in the newly constructed Government building which was inaugurated on 31.05.2005.

Circles and Police Stations in Kasaragod Sub Division

  • Kasaragod Sub Division
    • Kumbla Circle
      • Manjeswaram PS
      • Kumbla PS
    • Kasaragod Circle
      • Kasaragod PS
      • Traffic PS
    • Vidyanagar Circle
      • Vidyanagar PS
      • Badiadka PS
    • Adhur Circle
      • Adhur PS
      • Bedakam PS