Vidyanagar Police Station


Jurisdiction Boundary of Vidyanagar Police

As per the notification GO.RT.No.1451/2010/Home Dated 24.04.2010. the Vidyanagar police station has been being worked w.e.f 31.07.2010 in survey RS No. 254/2 and building No.457, A16, A 17, A18, A19 in the VII ward of Kasargod Municipality, near Vidyanagar Govt. College in Kasaba village, Kasargod Taluk .

As per the notification GO (Rt.) No. 3148/12/Home dtd 22.10.2012 the Vidyanagar Police Station shifted to new building in RS No. 206/IBPt and Building No. 718C in the Ward of Chengala Grama Panchayath, inside the compound of Civil Station in Muttathody village, Kasargod Thaluk.

Jurisdiction details

The jurisdiction of Vidyanagar police station covers within its boundary the whole area of Chengala Grama Panjayath (Chengala, Pady, Muttathody), Madhur, Patla villages in Madhur Grama Panchayath, XIII Ward in Kasargod Municipality.

Border Police stations

Kasargod PS, Badiaduka PS, Melparamba PS and Adhur PS

Jurisdictional court

Judicial First Class Magistrate Court -I, Kasargod

Parliament constituency and Legislative Assembly

The Vidyanagar Station Limit Comes Under Kasargod Parliament Constituency and Kasargod Legislative Assembly

Government Institutions

Civil Station, Court Complex, Income Tax Office, KSEB Sub Station, District Panchayath, Excise office, Vigilance office, District Planning Board, RTO Office, District Education Office, District Treasury


1.Primary Health Centre, Cherkala
2.EK Nayanar Hospital, 4th Mile

Educational Institutions

1.Govt. ITI Vidyanagar
2.TIHSS Naimarmoola
3.Chinmaya Vidyalaya Naimarmoola
4.B. Ed Centre, Cherkala
5. B Ed Centre Koppa
6.Buds School, Cherkala
7.DIET Mayippady

Banks & Financial institutions

1.Service Co-op bank, Cherkala
2.Manappuram Finance, Uliyathaduka
3.SBT Civil Station
4. Muttathody service Co-op Bank
5. Servie Co-op Bank Ethirthode
6. Manapuram finacnce Cherkala
7. Service Co-op Bank Cherkala
8. Gramin Bank, Madhur
9. Gramin Bank, Cherkala
10. Gramin Bank, BC Road
11. Co-op Bank, Edaneer
12. District Treasury Civil Station

Important temples & festivals

1. Madhur Sree Madanandeswara Vinayaka Temple (Ganesosthavam, Annual Prathistha mahothsavam
2. Edaneer Madam
3. Bhagavathi Temple, Patla

Churches & Festivals

1. St. Thomas church, Kollanganam,        

Important Mosques

Badar Juma Masjid Naimarmoola, Juma Masjid cherkala,

Rivers & Main cultivation

Chandragiri river - There is a stream in the limit of Vidyanagar police station which links Arabian Sea Madhuvahini River – There is a sream in the limit of Vidyanagar Police Station which links Mogral River

Historical importance

Vidyanagar, formerly known as Kunhumavintady, is a small town near Kasargod Coastal Town, Kasargod District. In 1959 Sree Joseph Mundassery, Former Education Minister renamed as Vidyanagar while he was inaugurated Govt. college, kasargod The place possesses great archaeological and historical importance. The Mayippady Palace situating in the Station limit. Mayippadi Rajavamsam ruled in the area

Tourism importance

Madhur Temple

Madhur temple was originally Madhanentheswara (Shiva) Temple and as the lore goes, an old so called "low caste" lady "Madaru" discovered an "Udbhava Murthy" (a statue that was not made by a human) of shiva linga. The Ganapathy statue was drawn by a priest's son, a small Brahmin boy, on the walls of the Garbhagriha(sanctum sanctorum) while playing. Day by day it became big and fat; so that the boy called Ganapathi as "boddajja" or "bodda ganesha". The legend of Kumble seme says Tipu Sultan wanted to demolish the temple like Adooru Mahalingeswara temple during his invasion of Coorg, Tulunadu, and Malabar. But after drinking water from the well of the temple, he changed his mind on attacking and demolishing the Garbhagudi and marched towards Malabar. But to satisfy his soldiers and Islamic scholars he made a cut with his sword symbolising the attack. The mark is still visible on the building that is built around the temple well.[1] The temple architecture is of 3-tiered gajaprishta type resembling the back of an elephant. One can also find beautiful wooden carvings depicting scenes from the Ramayana.

Mayippadi Palace

This is the palace where the last Raja( the last crowned King of Maipady) Late Mr. Venakatesha Varma Raja had lived and ruled the Kingdom ( widely known as Kumbale Seeme). He passed away on the June 10, 1994. The jurisdiction from Manjeshwar on the North to Chandragiri river on the south , from Mogral on the west ( from the Arabian sea) to Adur on the foothills of the Western Ghats was under his control until the independence of India. The heridetiery trustee of madhur,adoor,kumble and mujangav temples

Main Projects through the PS


5 Beat Officers in 5 Villages (Patla, Madhur, Muttathody, Chengala, Pady)

Student Police

1. TIHSS Naimarmoola,               

School Protection Group

1.HHSIB Swamiji's Higher Secondary School
2. NA Girl's Higher Secondary School Eruthumkadavu
3. NA Model Higher Secondary School
4. GHSS Cherkala Central
5. PBM English Medium Higher Secondary School, Nellikatta
6. Govt. Junior Basic School, Madhur
7. DIET Mayippady
8. GLPS Athrukuzhy
9. GHSS Patla
10. Kunjar HSS Kunjar
11. GHSS Edneer
12. BA HM ALP School, Panarkulam
13. KS Abdulla english Medium School, Chettumkuzhy
14. APSARA Public School, Koliyadukam
15. GUPS Bendichal
16. GUPS Koliyadukam
17. GUPS Thekkil West
18. ALPS Cheroor
19. GUPS Bevinje
20. GUPS Alampady
21. St. Thomas English Medium School Kollangana