Hosdurg Circle

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Hosdurg Circle was one of the oldest Police Circle in Kannur District, the Mother district of present Kasaragod District and it came in to existence prior to the formation of Kerala State vide Chief Office Memo No. RC 1210/ P 20/ 55 corresponding to GO (Ms) 2740/ Home dated 05.11.1955. Hosdurg (present Hosdurg & Ambalathara PS), Bakel, Bedakam, Rajapuram, Chittarikkal (present Chittarikkal & Vellarikundu PS) Nileshwar Police Station comes under the Circle.

A new Revenue District with Head Quarter at Kasaragod was pronounced on 01.11.1984, by bifurcating Kannur District with border of Olavara River (Kavvayi lake water) on the south and north to Thalappady (Karnataka state Border). So Chandera PS (Trikaripur Panchayath) which was part of Payyanur Circle was also added to Hosdurg Circle.

Considering its area, population, law and order issues and crime rate the circle limit was bifurcated on 02.03.1987 as per GO (Ms) No. 17/87 dated 03.02.1987. A new Circle with Head quarter at Nileshwar and jurisdiction over Chandera (present Chandera and Cheemeni PS), Nileshwar, Chithharikkal (present Chittarikkal & Vellarikundu PS) was created. Prior to this Bedakam PS was shifted to Kasaragod Circle (GO (Rt) 621/86 Dated 21.02.1986) as part of reorganization of Police Circles.

According to Reorganization and formation of new circles the Hosdurg Circle (‘D’ Circle) have jurisdictional control over 3 Police Stations, Hosdurg (D1), Bakel (D2) and Rajapuram (D3) within Hosdurg taluk, Kasaragod District .

In 1994 certain reorganization were made by government of Kerala in Police department and two new Police Circles was formed with Head Quarter at Bekal and Rajapuram. Hence Hosdurg Police Station was came under the charge of Circle Inspector of Police on 02.10.1994 (GO MS No. 27/94 dated 24.02.1994 and it is known as “CI SHO Police Station”.

The reorganization process was continued and Bekal Circle ( in which included Bekal, Bedakam, Adhur Police Station) and Rajapuram circle ( Rajapuram, Vellarikkund, Chittarikkal Police Station) where renamed as Adhur Circle and Vellarikkund Circle by detaching Bekal Police Station for which again the revival of Hosdurg Circle was ordered with Hosdurg and Bekal Police station, ( GO(Ms) 138/94 dtd: 16.08.94 and came in to force on 03.10.1994 ).

On 04.03.2015, Govt. of Kerala vide GO(Rt) No. 552/05/Home created a new Police station with jurisdiction of Ambalathukara, Pullur village ( Hosdurg Police Station), Belur and Thayannur village ( Rajapuram Police station ) and added in the existing Hosdurg circle.

On 18.04.16, the Hosdurg Circle was again bifurcated and a new police circle was created as per GO(Ms) 127/16/Home of Govt. of Kerala. Bekal became the Head Quarters of the new circle with control over Bekal and Ambalathara Police Station. Hence the present Hosdurg Circle is consisting only one Police station viz. Hosdurg Police Station. One Control Room and Traffic Unit ( Kanhangad) is also functioning under the circle.

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