Public Information Authorities

State Public Information Officers

The following officers are designated as SPIOs, SAPIOs and appellate officers in terms section 5(1) of the RTI Act. And Govt. Circular number 77000/CDN/05/06 Dated: 30.06.2006

(Revised order No. T1/41869/07 dated 13/09/2011)

No Unit SAPIO SPIO Appellate Authority
1 Police Station Station Writer Sub Inspector of Police CI Concerned
(Where CI as SHO) Principal SI Concerned CI DySP
2 Office of the CI Circle Writer Circle Inspector of Police DySP
3 Office of the SDPO CA to SDPO SDPO DPC
4 DPOs Manager of the DPO DySP (Admn) DPC
5 Narcotics Cells Manager , DPO DySP (Admn) DPC
6 Crime Ditt. Manager,DPO / CPO DySP (Admn) DPC
7 Traffic Police Stations Manager DySP (Admn) DPC
8 DCRB Manager,DPO DySP (Admn) DPC
9 District SB Manager , DPO/ CPO DySP (Amdn) DPC
10 Women Cell Manager ,DPO DySP (Amdn) DPC